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In questo posto voglio semplicemente lasciarvi una storia che ho scritto io per il corso di creative writing, probabilmente ci potranno essere qualche errore, ma mi farebbe molto piacere sapere che cosa ne pensiate.

“Allison are you sure that we can go to the restaurant and leave you here? If you want we can go tomorrow so you can stay with the babysitter.”
“No, mom I’m fine you and dad can go, it’s your anniversary, I will be fine.”
It is 8.00pm and it’s the 20th anniversary for my parents and they want to go out for a romantic dinner but the babysitter today couldn’t come so my mom is not sure about letting me stay at home alone.
“Come on honey it’s for a few hours, nothing is going to happen to her and if so, she will call us. Am I right Allison?” My dad was trying to convince my mom because it’s been a long time since the last time they went out for dinner because of their work.
Finally, my mom after telling me like two hundred times that I have to call her for any reason, she decides to go.
When they get out the house I went to the kitchen and put in the microwave the pasta that my mom made before. While I was eating I finished my homework and then I started watching the television.
At 9.30p.m. I went to bed because I was really tired. When I was almost asleep I heard the window in my bedroom beats into the wall outside because of the wind and rain, and I got so scared that I got up and closed it.
After few minutes I fall asleep again.
I don’t know how much time it’s been since I fell asleep but I hear someone or something that I figured was the main door and I thought that my parents had arrived and maybe forgot their key. So I stand up went out of my bedroom and went to the entrance that it’s right next to my bedroom and ask who was there but no one answers me, so I open the door, but neither my mom nor my dad was there. I closed the door and figured that maybe I just dreamed it or that it was just the rain. I was a little worried but I went back to bed anyway.
I didn’t even get the chance to fall asleep and for the second time, I heard that sound of someone knocking again! But now it’s different! Now I recognize that the sound is coming from the window in my bedroom. Then it stops again.
I go check to see what it is. I open the window and nothing is there.
I tell myself that it is probably just the rain. But now I don’t believe it anymore.
I run to my bed and cover my body with the blankets and my ears and eyes with a pillow. It’s not enough! I keep hearing it and it’s driving me crazy!
I decide that it’s time to call my mom so I grab the phone and press her name. It is ringing and after the second ring, I heard something. I hear something different.
I can't believe it.
I hurry again to the window and as soon as I open it I look beyond the window hoping that I’m just paranoid. But I’m not!
The sound that I just heard was my mother’s phone.
I am paralyzed, shocked! I don’t know what to do or say. I just want to scream and cry. But I can’t. The fear is blocking me.
The sound. That sound. The one that I thought was just rain or that was some scary person knocking at the door or at the window, it is not.
It’s my mother’s dead body hanging at the window, that every time the wind blows, her head hits the window.
Too scared to think how this could happen, if she killed herself or if someone killed her, and where my dad is, I run into the bathroom and lock myself in. When I get there I’m not even looking around me I just sit on the ground and close my eyes while I decide to call the police and explain everything and they said that they would arrive as soon as they can.
I was trembling. What if someone is going to kill me too? Why did my mom kill herself? Or why

did someone want to kill my sweet mom?
All these thoughts were running through my mind when I heard someone open the door and then yelling “Allison! Where are you? Are you okay?” It was my dad. I was going to answer him when I finally open my eyes I get a shock for the second time! On the wall, with what I hope is red paint, it says you are the next honey. And that is when I understood what was happening! My dad killed my mom! I don’t know why, why I’m thinking such a horrible thing about my dad but I feel it. So I decide to not say anything, not answer my dad that I’m in the bathroom and wait for the police.
“A, it’s me. It’s your dad. I have to tell you something.” Silence. I hope the police is almost here because every second he is closer to me.
I know that he knows I’m here but I just keep my mouth shut. He tries to open the door but it’s locked so he says “I know you are here, just open the door.” I still didn’t say a word so he started pushing the door hard and when he threw the door down, I screamed for the terror! He walked slowly towards me and grab me by my shoulders so I finally decided to speak “Who are you? You are not my dad. What did you do to mom? I thought you loved her. I thought you loved me.” I said starting crying and praying for the police to arrive.
“You. It’s all your fault. You destroyed me. You destroyed your mother. You just destroyed this family.” I was so confused, I never did anything wrong, I always did everything they asked me and I have good grades so I don’t understand. “Why? What did I do to you or mom?” This makes him even angrier and he starts beating me. And finally, I can hear the sound of the heaven.
The police are here.
But it’s too late.
I fell and I hit my head on the ground so I think this is the end, this is the end of everything.
I woke up after I don’t know how many days since everything happened. I feel weird, my body is weird. I look around me to see where I am. I’m confused I’m not the at the hospital. I’m still in my house. I was walking in my bedroom when I heard some voices. And I thought that what happened was just a bad dream and that my mom and my dad are in the kitchen making breakfast as always. So I run into the kitchen yelling their names, but when I get there I stop, other people are there, anonymous faces, those are not my parents. And no one can see or hear me? So it wasn’t a dream? I look at an old newspaper on the table and I start reading. The date dates back to one month ago:
Last night a 10-year-old girl named Allison had been killed in her bathroom by her father, and the same day just a few hours before he killed the mother of the girl, his wife while they were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Now he is in jail and he is faced with life in prison. I can’t believe what I’m reading.
Am I a ghost?

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